I have been interested in mobile applications and games for a long time. During this time, I have published dozens of app, some of them successful and some of them unsuccessful. I continue to develop app in various sectors through my own company. I sold some of my app that I developed and reached high download numbers to companies from Europe, America and Asia. In addition, I provide consultancy services through my company.

What I Do

Market Research

I do research for myself and the companies I work for in the Google Play Store and App Store. In this way, we discover apps which high potential and areas where investment can be made.

Marketing Strategy

I create a marketing strategy for mobile applications by making use of market research and competitor analysis.

Competitor Analysis

By examining your competitors in your sector, I report important data such as advertising strategies (eg networks they advertise, assets used in advertisements, etc.), number of downloads and estimated revenues.

Revenue Optimization

I'm working on ways to earn more revenue from apps. Ex: choosing suitable ad networks, optimizing subscription and product pricing and paywalls etc.